IICC 2018 is the most prestigious international culinary competition that will highlight the excellence of culinary industry. This annual competition is the ultimate arena where culinary talent across India will display their masterly skills, seek accreditation and get feedback for improvement from the judging panel of internationally acclaimed chefs.

With strong support from the Indian Federation of Culinary Association (IFCA) and Western India Culinary Association (WICA), IICC 2018 would set a competition, which is designed on an international modelled framework, it is also a gathering point for gourmet industry to network, share experiences and marvel at the creative show pieces.

The IICC 2018 will be held from 6th to 7th September 2018 at Food & Hotel India 2018 Mumbai, The 2-day Cook Fest will include different cooking challenges, categories, presentations, extensive personal interactions and activities.

6th - 7th September 2018
Sahara Star Hotel, Mumbai
Top Chef
2 Days
Power Packed
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Get certified by India’s top chef judges