Having realised the country's potential in the tourism industry, the Indian Government has taken several steps to make India a global tourism hub. This has provided a big boost to the hospitality sector which is amongst the top sectors to attract the highest Foreign Direct Investments. Infrastructure development is the backbone and key to the growth of the hospitality sector, as is the need to give it an industry status, which in turn will go a long way in attracting investments. This sector has a reciprocal relationship with other sectors like transportation, entertainment, aviation etc and strengthening these has an impact on the development of the hospitality sector. Being one of the emerging sectors in the country, it has the potential to be the biggest employment provider; however trained manpower remains a constant challenge. The conference provides a platform for knowledge sharing and discussing the opportunities and challenges faced by the industry.

5th September 2018
Sahara Star Hotel, Mumbai

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Hear from the experts on how to develop better strategies of building a good company culture

Discuss the most critical issues relevant to the industry – technology, innovation & development across the sector.

Improve your customer engagement strategies to stay ahead in an already challenging environment.

Network with the industry thought leaders and your peers to keep yourself informed on the trends and expectations for the future.

5th September 2018
10:00 AM
Introductions and Welcome
10:15 AM
Hospitality Begins at Home: Creating a Thriving Company Culture
Your hotel’s unique brand will attract guests the first time, but it’s your culture of unparalleled service that will capture their loyalty. Company culture is all about cultivating positive worker experiences. This discussion will focus on what it means to develop & nurture your company’s culture – from perks to profit sharing, from training programs to professional growth, from inculcating managers with a sense of integrity to trustworthy leadership that leads by example.
11:15 AM
Tech Talks
Unlock top technological trends and best practices at these fast-paced sessions. Stay up to speed on what’s out there on tech tools.
12:00 PM
The Rise of the Sharing Economy – Has the Hotel Industry got a New ‘Frenemy’?
With increased business opportunities and newer business models, the hospitality industry players also get access to a wider customer base, both locally and globally, in a shared economy. Additionally Indian budget hotels find global visibility on aggregator platforms. However hoteliers need to focus beyond just price cutting, while they still hold on to their lead in the trust factor. What can hotel brands to do to stay competitive in the sharing economy?
1:00 PM
Time to Whet Your Appetite
2:00 PM
Breakout sessions

Brand, Operations or Design – Who Rules the Roost?

Does the design reflect the brand or does the brand drive the design? How can operational constraints be managed to inform design and positively affect guest experience? How do you ultimately convert design and operations into revenue and an overall positive experience for the guest?

Be Online or Die!

Merely having a working website is passé. Hospitality players need to be visible across all online avenues to register a presence and identity in the minds of prospective customers. Online content is an affordable alternative to get into the modern methods of digital marketing. Is your brand connecting with the ‘InstaSnapTweet’ millennial tastes? With the discerning customer checking out web options and trusting online reviews more and more, how can you convert this into a profitable segment for your business?

Understanding the Customer Better, using Technology

How are customer expectations and experiences being changed by today’s technology? Is technology the key to gain competitive advantage? Will tracking & managing customer experience in real time help? The pace of technological development is quickening for hotels. Are you all set to catch up?

4:00 PM
Embracing the Health Conscious Traveler
Wellness is no longer about fad-diets and exercise routines – Hotels need to offer more than just this. The traveller of today is looking at enhancing their overall wellbeing and not willing to change their lifestyles and commitment to health and wellness even when on the road! What are hotels doing to cater to the health conscious traveler?
5:00 PM
Let’s call it a day!
Mr. Kapil Malhotra
Founder and MD
Mr. Manish Sodhi
Mr. Param Kannampilly
Chairman & MD
Mr. Sanjeev Pahwa
Vice President
Mr. S. P. Jain
Promoters & MD
Mr. Sunil Mathur
Mr. Vikram Kamat
Zia Shiekh
Chairman & MD
Mr. Ajay K. Bakaya